IT logistics

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All of LogTIS’ technical services are provided in our local service facilities, our point of service. Safe as well as punctual delivery and collection of the IT are either provided by the customers or by the proven logistics partners of LogTIS.

LogTIS’ competitors include logistics companies that offer, in addition to their core business, technical back office and IT services on demand. LogTIS works exactly the other way round, offering professional tech-services with additional transportation. Of course, a successful rollout or repair cycle also includes the rapid, punctual and safe delivery as well as removal of equipment. Hence, LogTIS includes the arrangement of these transports among its core services. For transporting the IT solutions, however, LogTIS assigns proven logistics partners.

It is also possible that our customers arrange the transport to and from their facilities themselves. Oftentimes, however, the processes managed by LogTIS go beyond logistics planning and include on-site services provided by our partners.