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Retail sector | smart POS systems

Retail sector | smart POS systems

Practical requirements of chain store companies for technical equipment

Discounters and chains dominate large parts of the retail sector, whether companies operate their own subsidiaries or use franchise concepts or. These retail networks are not only defined by greater purchasing power but also by rationalisation effects through a certain degree of standardisation within their infrastructure. In subsidiaries in the retail sector, cash registers and POS systems play a special role.

Retail stores usually start to specify, tender and procure the various components required to record the goods sold themselves. Whether it is the recording of barcodes, RFID signals or a weight: In retail, the input must be protected from arbitrary use and consistently transferred to the actual POS systems. This in turn keeps the exchange with the local merchandise management system centralized, triggers electronic payment transactions and registers cash payments.

For integrating these heterogeneous device landscapes, the manufacturers of the components are rarely available. As with procurement, a retailer looks for one or more service providers for staging, rollout, warehousing, logistics, or on-site services, either regionally or nationally.

LogTIS solutions for technical support of chain store companies

Whether retailers selling fashion or sporting goods or for food chains – LogTIS has been offering the industry reliable, tailor-made service concepts for many years. This includes staging of customer-defined hardware and software combinations, in retail mainly in the area of cash register and POS systems and their networked peripheral devices.

For POS systems in retail, a prescribed confirmation evaluation can be carried out, after the technical staging at LogTIS’ and before delivering to the chain store. On behalf of the weights and measures office, the scale manufacturer checks the continuous processing of weight values for settlement in the POS and releases them for continuous commercial operation. LogTIS has been providing reliable support for the branch networks of food retail brands for many years.

If desired, LogTIS operates copies of the customer’s central configuration servers, e.g. for the in-house branches of fashion and sporting goods brands. This means that not only the system and peripheral devices of a store solution are set up and tested in their interaction, but also that the connection to the later central productive server is set up and simulated.

LogTIS offers retail companies great advantages as a general service provider beyond POS systems

  • High cross-technology competence
  • Core expertise as technical back office for cash registers and POS systems in retail
  • 20 years total experience, thereof more than 10 years in the field of supra-regional retail companies