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System integrator

Various sectors | LogTIS is industry flexible

Various sectors | LogTIS is industry flexible

Practical requirements of companies from different industries

Whether purchasing association or chain store, technical field service company or public sector customer – a reliable partner and system integrator is one of the key factors for smooth business operations in all industries. This partner should be able to competently assume responsibility for the development and support of technical systems, regardless of industry or manufacturer. This is precisely the task that purchasers and those responsible for technology in a wide range of economic sectors face.

Lowest common denominator: Whenever complex device and system landscapes are to be used in the same or a similar way at distributed locations, a service partner who thinks and acts flexibly is required as a system integrator.

This is not primarily about care and maintenance work on site. Rather, it is all about the “technical back office“. Therefore: A stationary workshop with all possibilities from warehousing to trial installations and testing. This is mainly carried out by a well-rehearsed, highly competent team.

From the customer’s point of view, this represents a core element in safeguarding their subsidiaries. The technical back office also requires trasport services and must be supplemented by professional on-site services. If desired, LogTIS, as a system integrator, will gladly take over the coordination of this interaction in the interest of the customer.

LogTIS solutions for companies with the same technology at distributed locations

As a system integrator, LogTIS takes over the existing installation or accompanies the introduction of system environments. This is due to the fact that customers nowadays select and procure their products themselves.

When it comes to trial installations for a rollout of the same constellation at different locations, LogTIS has already provided such diverse services. For example the smooth installation and assembly of complex reverse vending machines at several locations or the dismantling and recycling of stationary devices.

LogTIS is a accomplished system integrator for the analysis and implementation of complex projects, the warehouing of recurrently required components and for ongoing repair and maintenance as well as the procurement of technical equipment and elements, even if they do not belong to the latest equipment generations of the manufacturers.

On request of the customer, LogTIS also manages the necessary transport services and a competent on-site installation and support service. LogTIS will gladly coordinate these interactions in the interest of the customer.

LogTIS’ tailor-made services offer many advantages.

  • Manufacturer and industry-independent technical expertise
  • Individual orders based on specific requirements
  • 20 years of experience in stationary systems engineering