On-Site Service

On Site | set up, maintain, secure

Dismantling and reassembly as well as other services, such as rollouts or recurring maintenance, can only be carried out on site. However, LogTIS also makes its technical expertise available at your subsidiary. To achieve this, LogTIS has an ideal option for an on-site IT service with an affiliated company.

Occasionaly, an IT service must necessarily be performed on site in your company or subsidiary. Classical examples of this are the installation and dismantling of systems such as ATMs, cash registers, POS systems, and video technology and many more, depending on the industry. In addition to project tasks, our partner company also provides recurring technical support and IT service on site.

Since LogTIS offers a valuable network of longlasting and practice-proofed partnerships, we can expand our back office services. We can provide the customer with our special expertise also through services directly on site at your headquarters or subsidiaries.