Customer satisfaction

Our performance promise

Our performance promise

LogTIS is your specialist for systems engineering. We take responsibility for your systems – for a long, smooth running time and fast repairs. In a partnership, you benefit especially from our following qualities.


Since 20 years we feel responsible for your external systems technology

LogTIS looks back on a long history as a trustworthy partner. The company not only is an seasoned provider of technical services for complex systems in banking (e.g. ATMs)  and retail (e.g. cash registers and POS systems), but also implements custom orders according to the requirements of our customer’s individual projects.


As a certified partner of NCR we have experience in the financial service industry.

LogTIS began as a master supplier for the American payment system specialist NCR. LogTIS provided service personnel as well as spare parts supply especially for NCR ATMs. LogTIS has long since become an independent company. Now the company uses its experience to provide a most diverse set of technical services, regardless of manufacturer and industry, for national and international customers


We realize complex systems in any subsidiary

In retail and other sectors, LogTIS prepares a variety of complex systems for a growing number of customers, sets up technical and virtual processes and maintains entire technical system landscapes on the customers’ behalf. Whether cash registers, IT environments or ATMs – your configuration of mechanical-electrical components makes its way safely, tested and fully functional to your subsidiaries. At the customer’s request, LogTIS organizes third party logistics as well as disassembly and reassembly on site.


We’re not tied to a specific industry or manufacturer

Today, cost-conscious customers often organize the purchase of technical and electronic individual components themselves. LogTIS ensures that heterogeneous system landscapes of often complex configurations and a plethora of products from different manufacturers work together reliably and function permanently at our customers’ locations. Regardless of the industry your company is situated in. This includes, but is not limited to, customers from banking and retail.


LogTIS offers services according to your requirements

Assembly, tests, repairs, refurbishing, rollouts, warehousing – LogTIS offers a wide range of services for their customers from a wide range of industries. Each of these system-technical individual ongoing or one-off projects is carried out according to the specific requirements of our customers. LogTIS is geared to meet the requirements of the respective customer and their qualitative, temporal, and quantitative goals in the field of system technology. We would like to support your growth and work out scaling plans.