Product configuration

Customers configurate

Customers configurate

In the field of systems engineering, there are various forms of requirements and services. IT system houses in particular oftentimes offer to create a specific configuration of products packaged with the final consolidation and rollout on site. However, cost-conscious companies now prefer to take the first steps themselves, i.e. the selection of manufacturers and components they need. In doing so, they draw on their experience to determine what their technical requirements are and how they plan to use their new equipment.

This means that LogTIS’ customers often take the configuration of the product in their own hands. Companies thus act independently of manufacturers or system house contracts. This has many advantages. Companies do not only save the service provider for the pure composition of a configuration. They can buy freely and negotiate discounts.

The long-term success of these heterogeneous product configurations that the customers created themselves depends, however, on a provision and maintenance concept that is tailor-made for them. Since customers usually lack the know-how for the consolidating and maintaining the complex product configuration, a purchasing advantage can quickly translate into a lack of availability of the systems on site. This is where LogTIS comes in as a stationary service provider for heterogeneous system technology. We act independently of manufacturers and industries as technical back office. LogTIS goes far beyond simply setting up the systems in customer branches and offers individual approaches to support ongoing operations. In addition to back office services, LogTIS also handles transportation to and from the customers’ premises and the necessary services at the point of use.

As a technical back office, we offer a wide range of predefined and individual services, plus transport and on-site services:

We also offer you individual services based on your personal specifications. Just contact us and we will find a solution for your technical challenge.