Rolling out | and everything fits

After integrating and testing new or remanufactured systems, they are pre-assembled and delivered to the respective locations ready for operation. In addition, LogTIS can also provide logistics and on-site services as a one-stop shop with proven partners.

If a structured staging preceeds the rollout, on-site assembly is merely a logistical and organizational task. LogTIS has put together the individual system, synchronized it, equipped it with all the necessary programs and tested it. Now the components are safely packaged for transport and shipped to the customer or subsidiary by a proven logistics partner of LogTIS in order to commence the rollout.

Then LogTIS prepares the installation on site: From simple assembly instructions to a qualified on-site assembly team, provided by a well-established partner from the LogTIS’ network. In this way LogTIS supports the fast, smooth (re)commissioning at any location, if desired, organized from preparation to transport to installation and commissioning on site.