Staging | ready to operate

Companies are increasingly buying hardware and software on their own. The staging of their IT and systems technology is usually performed by an external technical back office. As such a service provider, LogTIS handles the coordination of systems by any manufacturer, configuration of customer-specific hardware and software as well as prototype and serial integration and testing.

While staging IT and other technical products, LogTIS carries out the process of integrating various devices and virtual routines. For groceries, this means uniting a cash register or POS system with a scanner, a scale and some peripheral devices. Tests not only have to ensure stable operability and the correct transfer of data throughout the ensuing processes. LogTIS only completes the configuration when the results meet the regulatory requirements. After that, the parts of the system are disassembled and sent to the desired destination. Finally, the system merely needs to be set up and put into operation at the point of use.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, staging at LogTIS’ can be very broad service in terms of both the individual scope and the IT and systems requirements. LogTIS focusses on ensuring that the final setup of an overall technical environment on site – for example in a single branch office – requires as little effort and expertise as possible.