IT recycling and disposal

Generating value | separating waste

Generating value | separating waste

Recycling raw materials and components of IT is absolutely essential in today’s ecological and economical environment. IT recycling not only includes the careful separation of valuable and refuse materials, but can also be accompanied by a lasting deletion of data that conforms to security regulations.

Once composite devices have reached the end of their life cycle, the used materials are often firmly combined with components that cannot be reprocessed on their own or as composite materials. Toxic substances may even have to be permanently kept from polluting the environment and disposed of as hazardous waste.

With electronic devices, separate handling of installed or removable storage devices must be ensured. In accordance with the relevant data security and protection regulations, data must be irreversibly deleted or storage devices be permanently destroyed.

Especially when it comes to larger quantities of similar technical devices, the metals used in them can sometimes reduce the overall costs. However, before such recycling can be carried out, the devices must be professionally dismantled. LogTIS recycles the raw materials and properly disposes of components containing harmful substances.