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Banking sector | preserving assets

Banking sector | preserving assets

Practical requirements of banks and technical service companies in banking

The widespread, unrestricted supply of cash is part of Europe’s provision with basic supplies. In particular, the ongoing reduction of banking subsidiaries increase the importance of ATMs in public areas. Additionally, a close-meshed network of ATMs is also an important argument for customers and, hence, for all players in the financial service industry.

Customers do not always use the latest equipment. Elaborately and robustly secured, high-quality ATMs are often used for many years or even decades. Therefore, they mus be highly secure, always available to providers and customers, and 100% reliable throughout the cash dispensing process.

To guarantee this, providers, banks and their technical service require above all regular on-site service. Weight of the equipment, safety precautions such as anchoring the devices in the building structure and the necessity of providing constant service without downtime make overhauls make on-site services inevitable. In addition, the fleet must be scalable with spare parts and equipment of similar design.


LogTIS solutions for the banking sector

LogTIS was found in 2000 and since 2003 functions as official service partner of the National Cash Register (NCR), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ATMs. Due to this, LogTIS could accumulate vast knowledge of ATM technology and its use. As an IT service provider for banks, LogTIS also supports their customers in the procurement of equipment that matches the customer portfolio and also helps to secure components worldwide.

Highly specific standards apply to cash dispensers. These derive from their high weight, various security features and the particularly sophisticated interplay of mechanics, electrics and electronics. LogTIS benefits from the expertise it has built up over 20 years in this sector.

For banks and financial service providers LogTIS offers great advantages in its role as a general and IT services provider.

  • Manufacturer and industry know-how in technical service for the banking industry
  • Core competence as technical back office for cash dispensers (ATM/GAA)
  • 20 years of overall experience in the field of banking, money and systems engineering